English and The Aam Aadmi

Originally posted on 14th July 2014

A few months back when the Kejriwal episode was gaining its pace in Delhi, And when the “Aam Aadmi Party” witnessed its first triumph, by winning the assembly elections of Delhi, THE HINDU had given a very nice and apt heading to the news piece of Aam Admi Party’s win, i.e.


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Hello World !!!

So…. Here comes the very first post on the Dark, The Dim, The Bright. 🙂

Its obviously not the first blog that I am going to write, But having spent a plenty of time publishing and posting my work here and there. I now decided to be a little bit streamlined and organised, and thus took a decision of integrating my works on a broader platform, and having a luxury for connecting to a larger set of audience.

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