Depression: know it before you say it

Just as I was browsing through tumblr this afternoon, clueless about what to write for today’s blog, A pop-up here reminded me that its world mental health day today.

I suddenly felt like I have a whole chunk of things to talk upon.

Pondering about mental health issues, especially the much dreaded depression, I always felt like there is a massive ignorance due to neglect of material facts in understanding depression, or even mental health in general. Which in turn made its stigma to stick around, for the longest time now.

Thinking about depression, I was always more concerned about people falling prey to their own perception, and end up believing that they are depressed, WHICH THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY NOT!

I am interested and curious about the flip side of this discussion, to help people not feeling anxious about mental issues they don’t even have, and to identify objectively that their current mental state may be a product of a recent mishap, an unexpected situation, or merely due to a string of complex ideas popping up for no reason.

And since we don’t have a better articulation to express the situation, it’s too conveniently labled as depression. This this ironical yet true that this danger of having a false perception is higher even in well informed and information rich societies.

Proper consultation, or even a few productive sessions with a professional can easily evade a long traumatic experience of confusion and cluelessness, can prevent from a shattering experience of self pity and constant sense of self imposed vulnerability. It’s literally a talk away!

The very first thing a counselor do/ should do in this case is articulate better. And that is so much important!

This invariably breaks the chain of thoughts and helps you have a reality check. More objectively. Which, in case of lack of proper counciling, makes the person drift deep into emotions of self pity and confusion, and takes away the sanity to think and decide upon situations.

Making the point again, I strongly feel that there’s an urgent need to cure the ill, but there’s an absolute need to prevent the healthy from falling ill too.

Especially preventing them from making wrong inferences about their mental state.

Lastly, to all the mental issue survivors and worriors, here goes a big fat hug and the most sincere homage to their fight against varied mental issues. Who always choose to keep a smile in spite of a havoc so unimaginable, and deserves the best care in the world.

To those who maybe the most generous souls, yet often rendered as unsocial, quiet and even weird, we as a civilization should feel indebted, for their fight so fierce, that it was able to shake our perceptions and redefine our sensibilities.

They made us more humane as desired, received less compassion than deserved!




Let’s call it a Diary

Starting a great practice of being more regular with blogging (and writing in general). I felt like maintaining a day to day life blog, on tumblr at the moment though, I shall be posting some favorite picks here in this space too. Here’s the Day 1 post from my digital Diary 🙂

I always wished deeper conversations, sincere relationships and simpler yet enriching ways to live. Befriending strangers and strengthening bonds with people I know.

Times had always been materially comfortable yet emotionally taxing. Drained my energies, broken my spirits, shattered my hopes and everything good and bad in between.

I am still afraid I cannot ever give the most correct expression which I wanted to. I am too bad at introspection. Its not difficult, but certainly different. I am truly not a coward but fear to face it sometimes. Just sometimes, but yes definitely.

Sometimes I feel that the fears are real and sometimes it feels like an enormous exaggeration of situations. I fail to normalize things I fear. Too frightful for things too silly and too confident for a thing too challenging.

Maybe this is everyone’s phase at some point in time, and maybe everyone eventually develops a mechanism to fight it. Atleast, to withstand it. For me, maybe writing this blog is one small step, for others, some other doors may open. But what’s important is to strive for a way untill you find it. Important is to reach where you actually want to, not landing there where you’re accidentally taken.


Happy New Year !!!

First of all, A very happy New year to all my dear readers and to all the admirers and fellow bloggers around the globe 🙂 Blogging never seemed so fulfilling and happening till the point  I realized that it’s just not an electronic mode of writing and representing, but there exist real emotions and pious appreciation and affection for each other. There is a strong sense of belonging emerges and continues to grow as time goes.

There are certain blogs (and bloggers too) who are much more dearer to me than ever. There is a special bond between us has developed, I believe. Their blogs are the first thing I browse even before I look at mine. 🙂 As I once said on Jason’s Blog, These blogs are my habit now.

To all the readers of my blog at both blogger and WP, I extend my sincere gratitude (A big hug from my side 🙂 ) and really appreciate their support. I want to thank Dennis Cardiff, and Suzie, who were the first of my followers ever on wordpress. and to Amy, Anna and Jason, for being the firsts on this brand new blog. 🙂

With this, I wish you all again a very happy and Prosperous new year and a healthy life ahead. 🙂

I would soon be starting my blog reviews as promised, and planing to come up with book reviews and Podcast this year. Be right Back !!!

Cheers !!!

Meeting the Mathemagician

When I first heard about Arthur Benjamin the mathemagician, a few weeks ago, A number wizard and the mathematics professor, I was really awestruck  by the sheer brilliance of the man at one of the most time consuming mathematical operation, i.e. Squaring of numbers.

Arthur Benjamin is the well known mathamatics educator known for squaring the numbers faster than a calculator, and so, racing against the calculators seems peanuts for the genius.  In fact, What Ted Talks says about him perfectly sums up his character :

 “Using daring displays of algorithmic trickery, lightning calculator and number wizard Arthur Benjamin mesmerizes audiences with mathematical mystery and beauty. Arthur Benjamin makes numbers dance. In his day job, he’s a professor of math at Harvey Mudd College; in his other day job, he’s a “Mathemagician,” taking the stage in his tuxedo to perform high-speed mental calculations, memorizations and other astounding math stunts. It’s part of his drive to teach math and mental agility in interesting ways.”

Below is a glimpse of his mathemagic  :

Other than his extra-ordinary skills at solving, I truly respect his fun loving attitude while teaching and solving. He makes the math “sound easy” for the listener and his students as well, and to me, making a subject seemingly easy for a student, is the first step towards evoking interest.

Here’s another such video, where he reveals some really amazing tricks for squaring and multiplication :

But, yet again, I will come back to the point, which I felt is an important element of his personality. Its his ability to make learning a funny experience, and what I personally learned from him is, Teachers are not entertainers, but teaching can be funny.

 To bring a student at ease with the subjects is probably the most important achievement of a teacher, and  there are amazing educators all around the world doing so. But unfortunately, sometimes the curriculum, sometimes resources or sometimes the education system in itself, curbs down the possibility of  doing something innovative and courageous.

As soon as I came across Arthur Benjamin’s presentations, or whenever I find people like him, I always felt like hitting pure gold. A curious student within myself is always surprised at the sources of knowledge and the people with such worth and caliber working around the globe to make things better.

That’s how I met the mathemagician, and felt his magic, all the way. 🙂

Stepping in different boots

Today had the most amazing experience as I was invited as a Judge for a district level inter-school poetry competition at The Subhash Excellence School, Bhopal.

Not Only happy, but I was equally surprised to receive such an invitation for the first time in my life. While I still think It was a bit early for me to achieve such state, I want to sincerely thank the entire school and its management, for considering me for the same.

I had always been on the other side of the table, since I had been participating in varied range of literary events and competitions as this, But today being on the judging panel, I experienced a greater sense of responsibility a person bears then.

I specially want to thanks Respected Mr. Vajpeyi Sir, who also accompanied me in the panel today, And no words of gratitude will suffice to thank my guru, my mentor, Shri Mahesh Saxena, who constantly bestow his blessings upon me, and deserves the entire credit of my achievements. I was fortunate to be accompanied by him too.

Overall, This was really an experience to cherish, and a beautiful day to remember. Thank you.

Defeat of a Democracy

I don’t write much on political matters, but the results of the american presidential poll has changed everything… Literally everything. Frankly speaking… These results justifies that yes… One fine Day, some multi-millionaire can disrupt the whole political setup of the most powerful nation in the world, and can even become a President !!!
Clearly… This may be America’s BIGGEST mistake.

English and The Aam Aadmi

Originally posted on 14th July 2014

A few months back when the Kejriwal episode was gaining its pace in Delhi, And when the “Aam Aadmi Party” witnessed its first triumph, by winning the assembly elections of Delhi, THE HINDU had given a very nice and apt heading to the news piece of Aam Admi Party’s win, i.e.


This seemed quite interesting to me because in this particular phrase, there is a use of a very familiar and purely Indian slang in a very “Indian” way. This reminded me of the famous essay of R.K. Narayanan, “Toasted English”, In which he talks about making English, a language of Indian masses, other than its consideration and usage as a language of court rooms and learning halls. He wanted the language to have more of an Indian flavor to mingle with the Indian environment, and to be “wrapped in the Indian soil”.

In my opinion, this is going to have a dual effect on the indian society, i.e. It would aid in exposing the common man to English, be it even a fairly educated individual or be it a man living in the most remote and least developed spheres of the Indian land, And also, it would put an end to the ugly conflicts of superiority of either of the languages, English or Hindi.

In spite of being a man of letters, who mostly works in Hindi, Its my firm belief that English has more of a contemporary value than that of any language in the world, and which, to my believe, is quite obvious. But the point where the objections are raised, that too has a valid base, i.e. Indians are adopting the language at the cost of very own language, Be it the national language of India, Hindi, Or even their respective mother tongues !!!

Its said that “ Trees with greater heights but shallow roots can never give fruits.”

And so is in the reality. Adapting a new culture at the cost of  the culture inherited, is in no way advantageous to an individual, neither to the humanity as a whole.

Its said that “Its the culture that differentiates, and the same binds together.”, Because no societies and civilizations prevailing and living on the earth, wants to indulge into a “conflict of interest”. Instead, They wish to integrate their energies towards the achievement of greater goals of humanity. And this could be brought to reality only by the way of having a sense of equality for all and by looking upon the others as same or familiar. Because in the words of Chanakya :

“The desire of supremacy will result in a never quenching thirst that will make everyone fall.”

But on the contrary, If that happens, what the author of this post expects, then would certainly be a day in India, When even a child in this country would recite Wordsworth and Tennyson along with the holy Bhajans of Meera and Dohas (couplets) of Kabir….. And that is when the world will become a happier place to live !!!

Hello World !!!

So…. Here comes the very first post on the Dark, The Dim, The Bright. 🙂

Its obviously not the first blog that I am going to write, But having spent a plenty of time publishing and posting my work here and there. I now decided to be a little bit streamlined and organised, and thus took a decision of integrating my works on a broader platform, and having a luxury for connecting to a larger set of audience.

To talk about this blog, It came into being due to my decision of stepping into an entirely new field of Blog Review. Its a new sphare of work for me and I am pretty excited about it, as it would comprise a review about some of my amazing favorites including blogs and websites of both veteran and new bloggers.

Book Review is something I was quite fascinated about since a long time. Being an author of a poetry collection at 12, apart from meeting a range of extremely talented art and literary critics, it was really a fascination for me to step into their boots. Though, I admit that there remains a lot of things to learn about it, and so the process will teach me the same.

Apart from this there would be some categories relating to Psychology, and related things that insist me to ponder upon them time and again. Frankly speaking, Psychological study is one of my biggest passions, though I couldn’t pursue it in real sense. And thus I often try to catch up the emotions and understand psychology through my surroundings. One of my teacher Prof. T.M. Thomas, gave an interesting word for people with such raw passion of the subject. Pedestrian Psychologist.

Other relevant categories shall also be added to the blog from time to time. 

And Lastly…

To me blog writing is a personal journey, with the readers as our fellow travelers. And every person has a very own little corner as this, created by him or her which holds real importance for them. And so, I believe that blogs are mediums to talk to and introspect ones own self. In the literal sense, it covers every shade of life… THE DARK, THE DIM, THE BRIGHT !!!

I hope you will come along the trip, and make this a memorable one. 🙂

Cheers !!!