Happy New Year !!!

First of all, A very happy New year to all my dear readers and to all the admirers and fellow bloggers around the globe 🙂 Blogging never seemed so fulfilling and happening till the point  I realized that it’s just not an electronic mode of writing and representing, but there exist real emotions and pious appreciation and affection for each other. There is a strong sense of belongingness emerges and continues to grow as time goes.

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Hello World !!!

So…. Here comes the very first post on the Dark, The Dim, The Bright. 🙂

Its obviously not the first blog that I am going to write, But having spent a plenty of time publishing and posting my work here and there. I now decided to be a little bit streamlined and organised, and thus took a decision of integrating my works on a broader platform, and having a luxury for connecting to a larger set of audience.

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