Happy New Year !!!

First of all, A very happy New year to all my dear readers and to all the admirers and fellow bloggers around the globe 🙂 Blogging never seemed so fulfilling and happening till the point  I realized that it’s just not an electronic mode of writing and representing, but there exist real emotions and pious appreciation and affection for each other. There is a strong sense of belongingness emerges and continues to grow as time goes.

There are certain blogs (and bloggers too) who are much more dearer to me than ever. There is a special bond between us has developed, I believe. Their blogs are the first thing I browse even before I look at mine. 🙂 As I once said on Jason’s Blog, These blogs are my habit now.

To all the readers of my blog at both blogger and WP, I extend my sincere gratitude (A big hug from my side 🙂 ) and really appreciate their support. I want to thank Dennis Cardiff, and Suzie, who were the first of my followers ever on wordpress. and to Amy, Anna and Jason, for being the firsts on this brand new blog. 🙂

With this, I wish you all again a very happy and Prosperous new year and a healthy life ahead. 🙂

I would soon be starting my blog reviews as promised, and planing to come up with book reviews and Podcast this year. Be right Back !!!

Cheers !!!


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