Stepping in different boots

Today had the most amazing experience as I was invited as a Judge for a district level inter-school poetry competition at The Subhash Excellence School, Bhopal.

Not Only happy, but I was equally surprised to receive such an invitation for the first time in my life. While I still think It was a bit early for me to achieve such state, I want to sincerely thank the entire school and its management, for considering me for the same.

I had always been on the other side of the table, since I had been participating in varied range of literary events and competitions as this, But today being on the judging panel, I experienced a greater sense of responsibility a person bears then.

I specially want to thanks Respected Mr. Vajpeyi Sir, who also accompanied me in the panel today, And no words of gratitude will suffice to thank my guru, my mentor, Shri Mahesh Saxena, who constantly bestow his blessings upon me, and deserves the entire credit of my achievements. I was fortunate to be accompanied by him too.

Overall, This was really an experience to cherish, and a beautiful day to remember. Thank you.


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